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Fire Fighter Rescue Helicopter


Mayday! Emergency Alert! Major fire outburst has started in hilly forest outside city area. Play Fire Fighter Rescue Helicopter as pilot to take high risk mission in emergency scene. Flames are intense and spreading quickly throughout the jungle. Maneuver fire helicopter for danger fire rescue mission as modern hero in 2016.Join the newest fire heroes squad. Play as 911 relief heli rescuer in the newest 3D simulator game to fly over burning buildings and houses near forest. Control heli flight whirling sky high with fast rotary motion. Lead firefighter rescue missions from helipad in Chinook aircraft. As courageous fire truck driver, rush to burning places in city and start extinguishing flames. Start evacuation mission and save innocent people lives when you are on patrol. To extinguish blaze from skyscraper building, takeoff in rescue helicopter. Fill water bucket from nearby lake and fly chopper helicopter force over mountains to extinguish fires from trees, houses buildings and save mountain people.
You played as fire extinguisher on road driving firetruck in city streets. Now play as airplane pilot to take off from helipad lead chopper rescue op in sky crane. Not an ordinary snow plow truck driving game with operating snow blower to clear slippery roads after snowstorm. Enjoy the extreme flight control over mountain in this aerial firefighting and heli copter simulator game. Feel the adrenaline rush with groundbreaking game play. Become real hero & using propeller fly high in skies. You played some ambulance hero games it's time to become hill firefighter responder. Become a Fire Fighter Rescue Helicopter Pilot to work for 911 emergency departments and fly fire fighter helicopters.
Air Helicopter Rescue 2016 Features:10 challenging firefighting and fighter helicopter flying relief missionsDrive fire truck and enjoy multiple aircraft flight like Chinook, chopperRealistic physics controls for truck driving and flying helicoptersExplore a massive newest open world environmentConsole quality immersive graphics
Download Fire Fighter Rescue Helicopter and work in firebrigade to save innocent citizens and animals while enjoying helicopter flight simulator game.